Patrick Ssonko

aka Zhi Tai

I am a Strategic, multidisciplinary Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Web Developer, Artist with A God given eye of innovations and perfection. I am also CTO and Co-Founder Arthouse Foundation, Makanika, Herspot, Mwoleso, Voca Space and a member of several boards.I am always ready to get my hands playing on the keyboard about tech stuff for you and me. Nice meeting you.

Call/Whatsapp: +15187199481 Mail: note@zhitai.tk

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The namics of how users interact with interactive elements within a
user interface flow chart based on container proportion.

4 Mar, 2018

Living In Unity

"A house divided against itself cannot stand," said Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:25). It is good

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4 Mar, 2018


We put a variety of spices into our foods and call that "seasoning." It is

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3 Mar, 2018

It’s a choice, sweep in front of your door

Imagine if each one of us did just that. We swept in front of our

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